Spotify UX redesign — UI/UX case study

  1. Adding a song to a playlist is confusing and tedious
  2. A lot of people listen to music from “liked songs” frequently, but doing so require 3 taps.
  3. It is not possible to add multiple songs to a playlist at once.
  4. Not able to pin a playlist for quick access.


To get to know more about the users, I went out and conducted user research. My primary method of research was user interviews and surveys.


I started off by sketching my ideas on a paper. I wasn’t able to do Lo-fi prototyping, so I skipped that part. After sketching I jumped to drawing wireframes of the UI, and here’s an image of it:

Image of wireframe


I tested the product among my friends and also with people from various Discord servers. Overall, everyone found this design very usable.


Now the users are able to easily add a song to a playlist, pin a playlist, easily play their Liked Songs, which overall enables the user to have a better user experience.

Thank you for reading



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